Choosing Correct Fitting Skiwear

Skiing has become one of the most popular winter sports and is enjoyed by thousands of men around the world. But before you head off to the slopes, you need to ensure you’re wearing both the right type and fit of clothing.

Here we offer some helpful tips on choosing correctly fitting skiwear.

The best place to go to purchase skiwear is a specialist sports or ski store, as they’ll be well equipped with all the essential products and will be able to provide you with plenty of help and advice if you need it.

Ski clothing needs to offer you lots of protection and warmth, as it will be cold out on the ski slopes, plus it needs to fit well too.

Correctly Fitted Ski Jackets and Trousers

Ski jackets and trousers are essential for men, women and children who are out skiing. The ski trousers a bit like dungarees are called salopettes and you can get both insulated and non-insulated jackets and trousers.

Keeping warm when you’re out in wintry weather is key, so the idea is to wear layers that will keep you warm and dry.

It’s a good idea to try on a variety of options and different layers, so you can get the best fit for you and ensure your comfort isn’t compromised by bulky layers.

Correctly Fitted Hats

Just as the rest of your body needs protecting, so too does your head. Up to a quarter of all our body heat is lost through your head, so wearing a hat can make an important contribution to keeping you warm.

Hats need to be worn under a ski helmet, so it’s a good idea to try both on before you buy so that you can make sure you get the right fit.

Correctly Fitted Gloves

It would be mad not to wear gloves out onto a ski slope, as they’d freeze and stop you from skiing properly. Gloves come in different sizes, so if you don’t know your hand measurements, try on different sizes until you find a pair that feels comfortable to you.

A good fitting pair of ski gloves should fit snugly on your hands, but not be too bulky, so you’ve still got good movement in your hands and fingers and will be able to grip your skis well.

Correctly Fitted Ski Boots

For your feet, you’ll need to get kitted out with a pair of ski boots. Although it’s often possible to hire ski boots at the various ski resorts, by purchasing your own pair, you’re guaranteed to have the best comfort and fit.

A specialist ski shop should have a wide variety to choose from and, as you’re likely to be wearing thickish socks underneath, you may need to go up half a size from your usual shoe size.

Remember to wear the socks you’ll wear when skiing, so you get the right picture where size is concerned.

Correctly Fitted Goggles

As you’re whizzing down the slopes, snow and other debris could easily blow into your eyes – but not if you’re wearing goggles. They’re an important addition to your skiwear essentials, so don’t forget to purchase a pair.

Again, they vary in size, so try on a couple of sizes until you find the one that fits you best.

They should fit snugly on your face, but not dig in and shouldn’t move around or run the risk of falling off as you bend over or move around.

Correctly Fitted Ski Helmet

Finally, don’t forget to invest in a good fitting ski helmet. Although snow may give the impression of being light and fluffy, when you land on it with a bump, it’s not.

Plus, there are other potential hazards out there on the slopes, so it’s essential that you have your head protected.

A correctly fitting helmet should fit snugly on your head, be fully adjustable, feel comfortable and offer you lots of safety and protection.

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