Choosing the Right Sized Golf Clubs and Golfing Gear

Whether you’ve been playing for a while, are just starting out or want to have a go at golf, you need the right gear.

But how you do you know what the right size of golf clubs for you is and what other golfing gear do you need?

If you want to get the best out of your golfing game, you need to have the right sized golf clubs and golfing gear.

A complete set of golf clubs will include between 12 and 14 clubs. These will include a driver or 1-wood, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, 3-9 irons, a putter and a pitching wedge.

The 3- and 4- irons are mostly used by experienced golfers, so if you’re a new golfer, you’re likely to mainly use the 7- and 9- irons.

As a rough guide, the higher the number of the irons, the shorter distance the ball will actually travel (as it will go higher in the air).

Golf clubs are the main piece of equipment you’ll require, but clubs differ in size and there are various different elements that require you to get the right fit.

These include the grip size, the length of golf clubs and the weight of clubs.

The Importance of Grip Size

The grip size of a golf club is important to get right as, if it’s either too big or too small, it will affect your ability to play and hit good shots.

For the perfect size grip, you need to be able to touch the pad of your left hand with the ring finder of your left hand when you’re gripping the golf club.

If you can’t reach and there’s a gap, this means it’s too big. If you find that your finger digs into your hand, then this signifies that the grip is too small.

Golf Club Length

The length of your golf clubs is important too, as if they’re too long or too short, it could affect your balance and prevent you from making good shots.

When you’re choosing clubs for the first time, it’s a good idea to use a specialist golf retailer who knows how to advise on golf club length.

If you don’t already know what length you require, it can be determined by hitting a few shots and a club retailer will be able to advise you on what length of club would be best for your needs.

Golf Club Weight

Golf clubs come in different weights, with some lighter and others considerably heavier. When you’re new to golf, a lighter club would generally be more apt, but the best way of determining the weight for you it to actually try some clubs out.

Other Golf Apparel

Golfing is a good all-round activity for improving health and fitness, especially if you’re playing on a golf course rather than a range, as you’ll be out and about and getting lots of exercise.

As you’ll be on your feet all the time, it’s essential to have a hardwearing pair of shoes, that fit well and are comfortable. If they’re not a good fit, you could end up with rubbed feet or blisters.

Look out for shoes with good grips on the sole, as you may well be walking on slightly damp grass, which could be slippy.

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