Choosing Correctly Fitting Marital Arts Uniforms

When you’re involved in any kind of sports activities, it’s normal for there to be special clothing or kit involved. That’s certainly the case with many forms of martial arts and choosing correctly fitting uniforms is important for many reasons.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect martial arts uniform for your needs.

Types of Martial Arts Uniforms

There are a variety of different types of martial arts in existence and many of them have different uniforms.

For example, karate uniforms are significantly different from judo uniforms, some martial arts require thick jackets to be worn, whilst others have thinner ones, some are done up with belts, whilst other types have button fastenings.

Due to all these differences in the style and type of uniforms, it’s therefore essential that you’re clear from the outset what type of martial arts you’re doing and what type of uniform you require.

If you change your mind and move onto another form, then one type of uniform might not fit all and you may find yourself having to fork out and pay for another whole uniform.

The Fit of Martial Arts Uniforms

In a similar way to the different styles of martial arts uniforms, there are different fits too. Depending on the type of martial arts you’re involved in, the standard uniform may either be quite tight fitting or quite loose.

This is partly due to the different moves involved and helps people move around more flexibly. For example, martial arts cargo pants are both comfortable to wear and allow people to perform a variety of moves.

It’s worth noting that the fabric weight of martial arts uniforms sometimes varies according to expertise. Those who are very experienced may require a top or jacket made from a thick, heavyweight fabric, whereas beginners may be fine with a thin and light top.

How to Choose the Right Fit of Martial Arts Uniform

When you’re choosing a new martial arts uniform, the first step is to ascertain exactly which style of uniform you require for the type of martial arts you’re doing.

Some advice can be obtained from specialist sports retailers, who should in theory know their stuff, but if you’re new to the sport, then double-checking with a class instructor or tutor is advisable.

As with buying any form of clothing, the size and fit of martial arts uniforms varies and may be labelled in sizes that you’re not familiar with.

In order to get the best fit possible, and ensure you retain the right amount of movement and comfort, it’s a good idea to take your body measurements in advance of looking around a uniform stockist.

Knowing your measurements, combined with actually trying on different sized pieces of martial arts clothing should give you an idea of how well pieces will fit you.

In the case of children, especially young children who may be about to grow and change size, then buying a slightly bigger size may be tempting.

If you’re thinking of doing this, then do be aware of safety issues if the clothing is too big for them initially.

In cases where trousers or sleeves are too long, for example, you may need to take them up at first, so that they can still perform the sport safely, then let them down again as they grow.

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