Do Your Glasses Fit Properly?

A vast number of people wear glasses to improve their eyesight. Having glasses that fit properly not only improves the comfort aspect, but also ensures you get the maximum effectiveness from your lenses.

So here are some tips on making sure you’re getting the most out of your glasses by ensuring they fit properly.

People typically wear glasses to help with short or long-sightedness, or to correct eye problems such as astigmatism.

The traditional way of obtaining glasses or sunglasses is to go to an optician, where you can have your eyes tested on a regular basis and choose new glasses when you wish, or when your eyesight changes.

Frames are carefully chosen according to the style and colour you want, as well as more technical details such as whether the thickness of the lenses you’ll require will work with the frame – as not all do.

When the glasses arrive, the dispenser will then fit them for you, making any adjustments you need and ensuring that when you leave, you’re glasses fit well.

In most cases, when you’ve bought new glasses in this way, there aren’t any immediate problems with fit (although if you notice any after wearing them for a few days, you can go back and get them adjusted) and it’s not until after a while that fit may become an issue.

For example, minor accidents, dropping your glasses, accidentally sitting on them, squashing your spectacles in your handbag or a screw coming loose on the nose guard, can all affect their fit.

In most cases, it’s not possible to sort these issues out yourself – unless it’s an emergency, and you have to use plasters to patch up any breakages – and it’s better to go to the optician and let them sort it out.

They’re happy to do so and are equipped with all the necessary tools to sort your glasses out so you get the perfect fit again.

Fitting Issues When Buying Glasses Online

These days new alternatives have arisen where people can order glasses online to try and cut some of the costs associated with opticians. In such instances, you need to know the lens prescription details of your current pair of glasses in order to get the correct lenses.

As lenses vary in size, it’s also necessary to measure elements of your existing glasses, like the sizes of the lenses, the sizes of the frames and the length of the ‘arms’ of the frames.

Buying online certainly can save a lot of money, but doing it in this way does through up problems with fit.

Traditionally an optician or dispensing practitioner will fit the glasses for you when they arrive.

The frames of glasses generally don’t tend to automatically fit everyone, unless they’ve got a standard sized face, so little adjustments need to be made to the arms, the piece that across the nose and even the area that goes behind your ears.

You may find, for example, that the glasses constantly slip down your nose, or rub on your ears, or the nose piece on your spectacles may be uncomfortable. In the worst case scenario, it may even be that your sight is being compromised by the lenses being at the wrong angle.

Sometimes you can make minor adjustments yourself, and the websites provide advice on how to do this, but it’s not always as good as seeing a professional and the fit may not be perfect.

It’s still possible to take them in to an optician to sort out for you, although there may be a charge to pay if you’ve not bought them at the shop and they need a lot of work.

If you’re buying online, the issue of whether you’re likely to get the right fit from your eyewear is an important consideration.

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