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Finding the Right Size Wedding Venue

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking and one of the important aspects to arrange is finding a suitable wedding venue.

Whether you’re looking for a venue for the whole wedding, or separate venues for the wedding ceremony and reception, it’s important to ensure you find the right size to cater for your guests and requirements

Finding the Right Size Venue for Your Wedding Ceremony

There are lots of issues involved in finding the right venue for your wedding ceremony, but when you’re weighing up the pros and cons of whether to choose a church, Register Office or country home, don’t forget to take into consideration how many guests they can cope with.

A small country church may seem like the perfect romantic wedding venue, but if it can only cater for a maximum of 80 guests, and you’ve got 100 or more on your wedding guest list, then you could run into problems.

Guest lists are complicated enough without the added hassle of not being able to fit everyone in the church – squeezing extras in or having standing room only is often not acceptable, due to fire safety issues.

Before you make a final decision on where you’re getting married, even if there’s pressure to book quickly as dates or times are limited, always run through your final guest list figures first and don’t book it until you know it meets all your requirements.

Finding the Right Size Venue for Your Wedding Reception

Similar issues can be faced when trying to find a suitable size of reception for your wedding.

If you’re planning on having a wedding breakfast or seated meal, then you need to ensure the venue provides adequate enough room to provide seating for all the guests you’d like.

A venue may be able to cater for more guests if you’re having a casual buffet and don’t want everyone to be seated, but you need to consider how important seating is.

For fire safety issues, venues are strict on how many people they can accommodate, so you can’t go over the maximum number.

This is as important whether you’re going to a hotel, pub or hall, or hiring a marquee for your reception.

It’s also important to consider whether or not you want extra guests to arrive in the evening, perhaps for a wedding disco, band or evening entertainment, and if the venue can cater for both a dance area and all the extra guests.

Sometimes extra rooms are available for this, or the main reception room may need to be cleared to make space for the dance floor.

In the latter situation space is particularly important, as too many people in a smaller-ish room may result in lack of space for chairs and tables to be placed around the room for people to sit and watch and not everyone wants to stand all evening or dance the night away.

The important thing is that your wedding day goes smoothly and without issue and one of the ways you can achieve this is ensuring you have plenty of space at your ceremony and reception for everyone to enjoy themselves.

The planning stages can be stressful, but for everyone concerned, it’s well worth doing it right and ensuring you get the perfect venue for your big day.