Get the Right Sized Suitcase and Travel Bag

When you’re travelling on holiday or on a business trip, and especially if you’re flying, then you’ll know only too well how important it is to take the right sized suitcase or travel bag.

To help reduce the risk of unwanted stress and hassle, then here are some practical tips on selecting the right sized bag for your travel needs.

Why is The Right Sized Suitcase or Bag Important?

Airlines have always had weight restrictions in place for travel bags and suitcases and if you go over the weight, then you can find yourself having to pay out for excess baggage fees.

But to add to the equation, in recent years many airlines have become a lot stricter about the size of suitcase or bag you can take on a flight, mainly due to security issues.

In particular, there are new restrictions involved regarding the size of the bag you’re allowed to take into the aircraft with you – or your hand luggage.

The rules on this have become very strict and bags which exceed the size limit aren’t allowed on board.

Suddenly finding yourself all packed and ready to go at the airport, but with the wrong sized bag, can be very upsetting, not least very stressful when you find you don’t have the right sized bag.

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What Size Suitcase or Travel Bag Do I Need?

In order to reduce the risk of problems occurring when you’re travelling, then the sensible thing to do is find out in advance exactly what size suitcase or travel bag is acceptable.

It’s important to check these details with the airline you’re using for your trip, as slight differences can exist between different airlines. Once you know the set size, then you can ensure you buy the right sized bag for the trip.

Although many luggage retailers claim to know which size of bag is acceptable, if you’re going to be 100% sure, it is always best to stick to getting the information from the airline, not from relying on a luggage retailer.

They will no doubt claim to know and be sure about the information, but there have been instances where the wrong information has been passed onto customers, who’ve bought new, wrongly sized luggage.

If you have an existing set of luggage that you’d like to use, then carefully measure it to ensure it’s the right size.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that handheld, carry on luggage needs to be passed through a machine at the airport, so stuffing it full to the brim may be detrimental if it subsequently becomes tricky for officials to pass through the machine.

Even if it’s the right size when empty, you don’t want it to look the wrong size when it’s stuffed full.

Finally, as well as thinking about the set size guidelines for luggage, it’s also worth considering what you really need to take on holiday or on a business trip.

Not everyone is adept at packing lightly and, if you frequently find yourself lugging a heavy bag at the airport, then do try and think carefully about what you really need to pack!

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