Headsets and Ear Plugs: Ensuring You Get the Right Fit

The ears can be very sensitive, so if you’re wearing any headsets or ear plugs, it’s important they fit properly and are comfortable, otherwise you could be in for problems.

Whether you’re looking for advice on buying and wearing a headset, or want to protect your ears with ear plugs, here are some useful tips on ensuring you get the right fit.

Choosing The Right Headphones

Headphones and headsets are commonly found hand-in-hand with using technology products, such as Bluetooth or music systems.

Gone are the days when giant headphones are commonly worn – these days, most people using iPods and MP3 players use tiny ear plug-style headphones that fit inside the ear.

They’re very compact, lightweight and generally easy to use, but as they sit inside the ear, they can be uncomfortable if they’re too big or left uncovered.

There are various sizes and shapes of ear headphones available, so it’s worth browsing the range and looking at the different options before you buy. It’s unlikely shops will actually let you try them out (they don’t want them covered with ear wax!), but you may find it useful to read reviews of the products or get word of mouth recommendations as to which are comfy to wear.

Whilst most ear headphones come complete with a little foam pad on them, some don’t. The foam padding provides additional comfort when they’re being worn and can be bought separately.

So if your new ear headphones don’t come equipped with the pad, or your existing ones have worn thin or fallen off, it’s definitely worth buying more to replace them.

Choosing Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets are clever devices that you wear in or on your ear and that allow you to use mobile phones hands free.

These little devices are certainly handy for anyone who uses their mobile a lot, and allows you to answer and make calls safely whilst you’re on the move.

Whilst some Bluetooth headsets sit on the outside of the ear, many are designed with inner ear pieces.

Some of the earlier models were tricky to get used to, but the newer models on the market have tended to become smaller and more efficient than ever, and are generally comfy to wear.

Some people take to wearing them really easily, but if it feels a little uncomfortable to you, give it time and try it out over several days or weeks.

Choosing Ear Plugs

Ear plugs a small products that are designed to be put into your ears to block out sound. There are various forms available, including flexible foam plugs and more rigid plugs, and they each fit just inside the ear.

Some of the most common reasons for wearing ear plugs are a need to get more sleep at night and block out noise in the environment around, or to protect your ears from noise damage, such as if you’re working in a very noisy environment.

As with other ear products, there’s a knack to getting used to wearing ear plugs. In the first instance, the foam variety are generally easier to use, as you squish up the end to get them into your ear, then they come back to their usual size once installed.

Although putting things into your ears is generally discouraged, ear plugs are perfectly safe and can be worn for noise blocking purposes.

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