How to Get the Right Fit for Wigs and Hairpieces

Wigs and hairpieces have become a fashionable way of changing your hairstyle and look, without having to have a drastically different haircut. It also enables you to go from short to long hairstyles without having to spend months and months growing your hair.

In addition, wigs are commonly used to help aid medical conditions, including those who’ve lost their hair through cancer treatments.

Whatever reason you’re choosing to wear a wig, here’s a guide to getting the right fit for wigs and hairpieces.

Wigs and hairpieces have come a long way in recent years and there are now some excellent, high quality items available that look almost identical to real hair.

But as with buying any product that is designed to be worn, not all wigs or hairpieces come in the same size and you need to do your research to ensure you get the right fit.

Measuring Your Head

When you’re setting off with the intention to buy a wig for the first time, then it’s a good idea to first measure your head, or get someone to measure it for you.

There are three key measurements to take and, between them, they will give you a measurement that you can use to find and buy a correctly fitting wig.

It helps to flatten down your hair as much as possible before you start measuring.

First measure around your head, starting at your natural hairline at the front, running the tape above your ears, around the back of your head and back around to the front. Hold the tape still and take the measurement, preferably in inches.

Secondly, measure from the front to the back of your head. Gently bend your head back and use a tape measure to take the measurement from your natural hairline at the front of your forehead, over the crown of your head and down to where your head meets the top of the neck (or where your head is bent).

The third measurement records the size from ear to ear. Start your measuring at the top of one of your ears, then lay the tape measure over the crown of your head to finish at the top of the ear on the other side of your head.

Once you have obtained these measurements, you should make a note of them and take them with you when you’re shopping for a wig.

Specialist wig shops may also measure your head too, but it’s useful to have your own measurements so you can buy wigs online or get an idea of the type of hairpieces available in your sizes.

Some stores may advertise wig sizes in small, medium and large, for example, but it’s often easier to know your wig measurements to choose which size to go for and get the best fit.

Other Wig Fitting Tips

Most wigs are fitted with adjustable Velcro and elastic tab in the back, and sometimes the front, and you may need to adjust these in order to get the most comfortable fit.

Be aware that wigs often have a lot more hair on them than a normal head of hair would have, so it’s only natural that it may need to be styled and fitted to your head for the best look.

As with other items that are worn, wigs may change shape and fit the more often they are worn. In order to preserve the correct fit and look of your wig, it’s helpful to store it with care when not in use.

The best option for this is to pop it onto a specially designed wig stand, as this will help it retain its shape and provide more longevity for the wig.

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