Your Dog’s Collars and Leads: Are They the Right Size?

If you’re thinking of having a dog as a pet, then there are a few essential items you’ll need to get kitted out with. Two of these key items are a dog collar and lead, but how do you know which size to buy for your dog?

Dogs make great pets for all ages and are one of the top animals to have. But, as with owning any pet, it’s important you get equipped with all the necessary accessories, so you can look after your dog properly and give them the best life possible.

Choosing The Right Dog Leads

Dog leads are generally made from either leather or nylon and come in the form of standard leads or retractable leads.

The standard form of dog leads vary in length and can be anything from three to six feet long.

The longer leads are more appropriate for dogs you’ve had a while and are more obedient, and they give them the chance to wander off further on their own, yet still be attached to the end of a lead.

If you’re training a new dog, however, a shorter standard lead is recommended, stretching to three to four feet, as this gives you more control and prevents your dog from wandering off too far.

Retractable leads are designed to give your dog a lot more freedom to roam and run further. As with the longer standard leads, they’re generally more appropriate for a well trained dog, rather than a new puppy.

Choosing The Right Dog Collars

Making sure your dog has a collar that fits correctly is important too. In fact, since the Control of Dogs Order came into force in 1992, it’s essential that any dog wears both a collar and an ID tag (with the owners name and address on it) when in a public place.

Failure to do this could lead to a fine of £5,000. There a few dogs exempt to this rule though, including police dogs, guide dogs for the blind and dogs used for help with emergency rescue work.

Dogs kept as pets are of course part of the group that needs to wear a collar, so you’ll need to buy a nice collar for your dog.

Dog collars come in various sizes and designs – you can even assert your dog’s personality by buying a funky collar!

To find the right size of collar for your dog, use a tape measure to measure around your dog’s neck, preferably in inches – hopefully your dog will stay still and not mind you doing this!

Once you’ve got the measurement, add on about two to three inches to it – this will give you the final collar size.

The size of collar will provide plenty of room around the dog’s neck, so it won’t get too tight, but will also mean it’s secure too, so your dog won’t be able to slip it off.

When you’re choosing a collar, have a good look at the different types available. Leather collar are popular, but might not be quite so appropriate for a very small dog, as they can be heavier to wear.

Collars will vary in price, but it’s worth investing in a good quality collar as it’s more likely to be durable and last a long time.

Always check to ensure collars have a smooth finish inside, as you don’t want to cause any unwanted rubbing or irritation to your dog’s neck.

An added extra you can buy alongside a collar would be a dog tag, which is also a required element under the 1992 Control of Dogs Order.